Using conditionals in your filter{} blocks

Wrapping your filter logic in conditional expressions can be very important.

If your configuration is split up into many files, logstash will combine and run all of the stanzas.  Also, using conditionals to limit the amount of processing performed will make this step faster.

To tell if an event contains a given tag:

if "value" in [tags] {

For string fields:

if [FIELD] =~ /.+/ {
     # exists
if [FIELD] !~ /.+/ {
     # doesn't exist

For numeric fields:

if [FIELD] {
     # exists

2 responses to “Using conditionals in your filter{} blocks

  1. Rajesh Swarnkar

    How do you combine following if conditions?
    if “INFO” in [message] { match 1 } OR
    if “DEBUG” in [message] { match 1 again }

    I tried
    if “INFO” in [message] or “DEBUG” in [message]
    Did not worked.

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